Tips While Trading In Small Cap Stock Picks

Small cap stock picks are outlined in several manners. Initially, it is outlined depending on the price of per share. SEC rules says, a penny stock means a share of stock while per share is trading for five dollars or less. Then, a penny shares are not traded in big stock exchanges Like the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Therefore, you will detect humble cap stocks such as the OTCC and the Pink Sheets. A company that is below SEC – standard of at least of fifty million dollars to trade in the big stock exchanges issues these penny shares.

Regardless, there are some of the things, which should be performed to make a listing of the finest small cap stock picks. In this manner, one will be guaranteed of earnings in the short-run. Rather than getting part of semi permanent investments, these stocks are best traded on a short-run basis.

As antecedently implied, one should must acquire certain standards in selecting the finest small cap stock picks. One must count the PEs (Price-Earnings) ratios of the entire stock picks. Always select those penny shares that have the highest price-earnings ratios.

And so, you must calculate the PEG (Price/Earnings/Growth) ratio. Divide the price-earnings ratio with the envisioned rate of growth in the following three to five years. You are able to cut down the option to the penny stocks with the least price/earnings/growth preferably those stocks with less than 1.0 ratio.

All the same, you should not only look for the ratios while selecting the finest small cap stock picks. One will as well require looking at the fiscal statements. One has to consider the current fiscal statements to check net earnings, liquidity, cash flow, and solvency. You should as well do your own enquiry about the management of the company.

Where to Find Penny Stocks

As antecedently referred, there are several venues where penny stocks are traded. You are able to trade in NASDAQ SmallCap Market that is believably the most safest and reliable place.

The shares catalogued at SmallCap Market of NASDAQ are generally valued at one dollar and higher so that below one dollar stocks are instantly dropped to the OTC-BB. Traders and Brokers have no trouble dealing with this market because there are superior strict reporting and investor visibility standards. So, while trading small cap stock picks do not forget these points mentioned above.